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Supplying doorsets to the education sector that make the grade.

Performance doorset manufacturer Leaderflush Shapland has a wealth of experience working within the education sector and has successfully supplied more than 11,000 performance doorsets to schools in the past year.

Leaderflush Shapland not only offers a range of high quality products, it understands the regulatory requirements and best practice guidance that applies to educational institutions and provides a flexible service designed to ensure the right doorsets are specified on each project.

Simon Broadly, Design and Specification Manager, said: “We engage with our education clients at the earliest design stage so that we can create customised specifications where required. We also have a thorough knowledge of Department for Education (DfE) guidance and how it impacts on the performance doorsets that are specified.”

Alongside the highest fire and acoustic standards Leaderflush Shapland’s products address issues specific to educational environments, as detailed in the DfE’s Standard Specifications, Layouts and Dimensions guidance relating to internal doorsets.
For example the document states: “Doorsets should be specified wherever possible, rather than specifying separate components such as leaves, frames and architraves,” for certification and ease of installation purposes. Leaderflush Shapland’s integrated doorset concept answers this need by providing a fully certified doorset that incorporates all the essential ironmongery and has guaranteed performance.

Dangers associated with automatically shutting fire-safety doors in areas populated by children can be mitigated by the company’s Sentinel hand and finger protection system which has rounded profiles to prevent fingers becoming trapped. While Leaderflush Shapland’s anti-microbial additive, Hygienilac, kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria and can be incorporated into door veneers in schools where it is important to contain the spread of infection.

In addition Envision, a translucent door facing material that can be specified on all Leaderflush Shapland performance doorsets, allows high definition, photographic images or graphics to be incorporated into a door, transforming it into an educational tool.

Leaderflush Shapland’s broad range of innovative products ensures it is able to offer a variety of solutions to the education sector. Recently it has successfully manufactured and installed doorsets at the Colchester Academy, Bradford’s Rainbow Free School and Smestow School in Wolverhampton.

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