Health Sector Solutions

Leaderflush Shapland’s technical expertise and health sector experience ensures it understands the requirements of its customers and delivers the solutions and products they need.

The Leaderflush Shapland product ranges are designed specifically to address issues of concern in the sector and to comply with legislation. For example the Leaderflush Shapland integrated doorset concept provides an ideal solution to NHS Health Technical Memorandum 58 (HTM 58), which states: “The high performance standards required of door leaves, frames and ironmongery in health buildings can best be met when these components are accurately fitted and matched in a factory and delivered to site as a complete unit.”

New product development manager Stephen Hutsby explained how Leaderflush Shapland’s integrated doorset concept meets these requirements: “By integrating the doors, frames and ironmongery we are giving specifiers peace of mind that each component is compatible and fit for purpose, as well as providing a convenient and easy to use one-stop shop.”

The integrated doorset concept brings together products developed by Leaderflush Shapland using the extensive insight and understanding it has gained working with the health sector for many years. This enables Leaderflush Shapland’s skilled staff to work closely with specifiers, contractors and architects to identify which products are right for their project.
As part of Great Ormond Street Hospital’s £343 redevelopment, for instance, 756 Leaderflush Shapland doorsets were specified after close consultation with the architects. This included specifying the Plasform doorset at points in the hospital where there is a high risk of infection, such as MRSA and salmonella, spreading. Its rounded postformed edges minimise the build-up of airborne particles, while all the veneered doorsets supplied incorporate Hygienilac, an antimicrobial finish that kills most species of bacteria and gives 10 years of protection.

Leaderflush Shapland’s collaborative approach has also proved successful on other large projects including the refurbishments of Tameside General Hospital and Salford Royal Hospital. By sharing its knowledge with its customers Leaderflush Shapland’s staff help make sure the correct products are used for each application, as well as providing ongoing technical support at all stages of a project.

Leaderflush Shapland understands the varying demands placed on doorsets in different parts of a health sector building, which HTM 58 identifies as: heavy duty, severe duty, high security duty, fire resisting and x-ray grades. And Leaderflush Shapland’s onsite testing facility ensures its doorsets go beyond standard requirements: “We replicate what happens in the field during testing because it is really important to make sure our tests reflect the environment the product is going into,” said Steve Hutsby. This gives specifiers of doorsets the confidence that Leaderflush Shapland’s doorsets are able to cope in the toughest environments.

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