Great Ormond Street Hospital
Sector: Health Solution type: Plasform®
The challenge.
The supply of doorsets to the internationally renowned medical institution specialising in the care of children. Architect Llewellyn Davies Yeang required solutions that incorporated environmental considerations and sustainability central to the design; all doorsets supplied were FSC accredited. The specification required 756 doorsets suited to a child friendly environment such as sentinel anti finger trap solutions and an antimicrobial additive incorporated in the veneer to reduce the risk of bacteria spreading.

The solutions.

Leaderflush Shapland Doorsets for UK’s Greenest Hospital

London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital is an internationally renowned medical institution specialising in the care of children. 756 doorsets from Leaderflush Shapland’s Designer, Extended Performance, Plasform & Sentinel ranges were specified for the hospital’s recent £343m redevelopment programme which has been designed to expand capacity and deliver treatment in a more comfortable and modern way. Extended Performance Vulcan range doorsets were specified in certain areas to achieve prolonged fire resistance levels of up to 120 minutes and sound reduction levels of up to 30 RwdB.

Architects Llewelyn Davies Yeang have created a building with environmental considerations and sustainability central to the design; the hospital is currently on target to become the UK’s ‘greenest’ medical building being estimated to offset in excess of 20,000 tonnes of CO² annually - the equivalent to the typical yearly carbon footprint of around 2,000 people living in the UK.

All materials used in the manufacture of Leaderflush Shapland doorsets are either FSC accredited or verified, legal and sustainable, which has helped Great Ormond Street to achieve an overall ‘excellent’ rating in the NEAT assessment, the health sector equivalent of BREEAM accreditation.

Doorsets were constructed using EnduraCor, Leaderflush Shapland’s exclusive engineered performance core whose severe duty rating makes it especially suitable for busy hospital environments where doors are subject to frequent passage of heavy trolleys, beds and other bulky items. Severe duty doorsets were supplied to cope with the most taxing situations needed for busy hospital environments such as high fire resistance, sound reduction and smoke control that comply with the HTM 69 guidance.
With hygiene being such an important consideration in hospitals, all veneered doorsets incorporate Hygienilac within the lacquer as standard, Leaderflush Shapland’s highly effective antimicrobial finish which kills most species of bacteria including C.diff, Salmonella and E Coli reducing the potential risk of such bacteria causing Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs).

Plasform doorsets are also ideal for healthcare environments; their rounded postformed edges minimise the build up of airborne particles and can be easily wiped or washed clean. Plasform gives flexibility for many applications with tremendous scope for demonstrating flair through colourful or simple, contemporary designs – Great Ormond Street specified doors in manta, mist and shadow colours.

ROSPA reports that 30,000 children trap and seriously injure their fingers in doors each year - Sentinel, Leaderflush Shapland’s hand and finger protection doorset was also specified for 2040 high doors and uses a discreet pivoted design with decorative timber elements as an integral part of the doorset to prevent hand and fingers from getting into the hinge area of the door, avoiding injury; an ideal solution for the children’s hospital.

Leaderflush Shapland is the UK's leading manufacturer of bespoke doorset solutions with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the health sector; recent major projects include Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, Tameside General Hospital, Pinderfields Hospital and Birmingham Super Hospital. For more information, call 01623 343125 or visit

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