Glazing beads & systems.

Bolection, Flush and Steel Trim beads are offered as standard as well as security glazing systems. These are used with various alternative details to suit specific fire ratings, aperture  shapes and sizes.

Timber beaded glazing systems
These are suitable for most aperture shapes. Timber beads are available polished, left clean or painted to match the door face. They are fixed with steel pins or cups and screws.
Beads are available as either bolection beads (not suitable for use with Pivette doorsets) or flush beads (not suitable for use with audiodors).

Bolection beads.

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Flush beads.

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Steel trim bead.

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Small observation windows glazed with laminated anti-bandit or ballistic resistant glass are available as standard. The glass is normally retained by high security steel beads, with no fixings exposed on the attack face. As standard, the bead is supplied in a black powder coated finish;
however a stainless steel finish is also available. Alternative glazing materials available include toughened polycarbonate and 19mm Pyrosec glass – the latter being particularly suitable for secure accommodation such as seclusion rooms.
The standard vision panel size (reference VB1) is 300mm square, giving a clear viewing size of 230mm x 230mm. We suggest that security vision panels are kept as small as possible, with maximum clear viewing width of 250mm.

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