Accessories, complementary & specialist items.
Please note: Removable overpanels and/or transom details cannot be supplied for all performance characteristics, please contact us for further information.

Removable overpanels & transoms.

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Sliding doors
Leaderflush Shapland can supply leaves for sliding door
arrangements. It is essential to advise us early of sliding door
requirements as the construction must be modified to accommodate this. These are non fire rated only.

Drop seals
Drop seals can be factory-fitted at the bottom of the door to close
the gap with the floor when the door is closed using a mechanical
system. This may be useful for smoke containment and low level acoustic control, particularly where the requirements for disabled accessibility call for an unimpeded floor surface. Where fitted by others, we must be informed early to adjust the door construction to suit.

Louvres and air transfer grilles
Fire rated air transfer grilles can be supplied for use within BWF-CERTIFIRE approved door leaves up to 60 minutes. Contact our Technical Services Department for advice.

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Astragals & angle stops.
For pairs of doors, timber astragals may be needed to cloak meeting stiles for sound reduction (35 RwdB or higher), weather protection and special situations such as radiation areas. Where pairs of doors are used with an overpanel but without transom, steel angle stops are fitted for the doors to close against. Typical examples are shown below.

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