Frames & architraves.

Minimum section sizes, material specifications and other criteria apply to BWF CERTIFIRE approved, fire-rated doorsets. These are detailed in Data Sheets related to individual door leaf constructions, but will automatically be incorporated in our designs for doorsets to meet specified performance requirements. Availability of materials, finishes and section profiles for each product range is indicated in individual product brochures.

Sizes and section profiles
Standard partition thicknesses for all frame sections are 94, 100, 113, 126 and 144mm, although others are available, depending upon the product range.

Non-standard sections and sizes can also be provided, and these should be discussed with us.

The following ranges of frame sections are available as shown further down this page:
A particularly easy to install one-piece unit, suited to exact opening sizes and for use with or without architraves. As well as being suitable for internal use, it is the standard frame for external and security applications. (The Monex frame is used in inward opening external doorset situations). Mono edges are softened with a 3mm radius (6mm for PVC wrapped). This section can be used with extension pieces for larger widths.


A traditional style frame with planted stop, used with
extension pieces for larger widths. Barum edges are softened with a 1.5mm radius (6mm for PVC wrapped). This section is also suitable for double action doors without a stop. This is the standard frame for medium to high level acoustic doorsets.

A split frame design with integral architraves and planted stop. It also allows an almost unlimited range of partition widths and reveal depths. Cubith edges are softened with a 1.5mm radius (6mm for PVC wrapped).

A steel frame traditionally used in security and industrial situations but suitable for all applications, available in a range of sizes. The Split Solo is available to cater for varying partition thicknesses.

Where specified, architraves are supplied in either hardwood, softwood or MDF with finishes to match or contrast frames. Availability of architraves for each product range is indicated in individual product brochures. Architraves can be secret fixed or pinned (which we recommend should be punched and filled). Dogleg architraves are useful for accommodating various partition widths while still using standard frame sizes. Standard architrave sections are shown below but other profiles can be supplied.

Extension lining
With the exception of Cubith where partition thicknesses exceed 144mm, an extension lining is used to extend the width of the frame to fill the reveal. (See example below)

Frame joints
Frames are joined at the corners with one of 3 methods; mortise and tenon, mitre and half-lap. The performance levels chosen by the specifier and the section profile determine which of these joints are used ensuring that the resultant joint gives the appropriate level of strength and durability.

Frame joints.

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Frame profiles.

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Extension linings & architraves.

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