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The Group's headquarters is located at the Langley Mill site near Nottingham, first occupied by Leaderflush Ltd. in the late 1970's. Leaderflush was founded in the 1930's as a building contractor but subsequently emerged as one of the major door manufacturers feeding the post-war housing boom. The 1960's saw further expansion at Leaderflush with emphasis on fire doors and development of the complete doorset concept, as well as more specialised products for particular building types such as medical, leisure and custodial. In 1989, ownership of Leaderflush passed to Whitecroft Holdings plc., which also owned Longden Doors since 1962.

Moving back in time, Sheffield based George Longden and Sons was founded in 1838 and grew to become one of the top ten building and civil engineering contractors in 19th century Britain. Longden always considered traditional, apprentice-based craftsmanship and the development of skills as its major strength. Its contractor business ceased in 1978 but by far the most important operation - architectural joinery and particularly top quality, solid timber panelled doors - was nurtured to produce a real building industry success story. This was the combination of traditional skills with modern techniques to meet modern, exacting performance standards.

During 1854 and in a very different part of the country - Barnstaple, North Devon - Henry Shapland introduced a machine for creating 'wavy' timber mouldings efficiently and accurately. This philosophy of seeking engineered techniques to create high quality, crafted products remains fundamental to Leaderflush Shapland Laidlaw today. Henry Petter soon joined forces with Shapland, providing finance and commercial know-how, enabling substantial and consistent growth. Following the deaths of both Shapland and Petter in the first decade of the twentieth century, local amalgamation created North Devon's biggest industry, involved with hand-carved furniture and fitting out of inter-war cruise liners and Pullman railway carriages.


After the Second World War, high quality doors became the company's hallmark and in 1998 NT Shapland and Petter merged with Leaderflush under the ownership of Whitecroft.

Then, in May 2000, the Group purchased North London based MultiSecure Ltd., which had developed a particular expertise in entrance doorset and screen systems for the social housing market, adding a new ingredient to the mix. The MultiSecure business was successfully integrated with the Langley Mill site operations of LS Group Ltd.

In December 1998 Whitecroft decided to sell all its operations, allowing a management buy-out of all the door businesses by the directors of Leaderflush Shapland. LS Group was formed at this time to make the acquisition.



In 2003 the LS Group was acquired SIG plc. SIG were the UK's leading supplier of insulation, roofing and commercial interior products with over 400 trading locations across the UK, Republic of Ireland, mainland Europe and the USA.

This acquisition further brought about the formation of SIG Interiors Manufacturing to include Leaderflush Shapland, Komfort Workspace, Cubicle Systems, Tufwell Glass and Longden doors.

During 2006, Leaderflush Shapland carried out a re-branding process moving away from the old ‘Leaderflush Shapland Ltd’ yellow logo to the well known colourful fan used today.



Leaderflush Shapland were keen to widen the breadth of product offering for doorsets to include a performance steel option and as such the Birmingham based Fitzpatrick Metal doors were acquired by Leaderflush Shapland in 2008 and were also absorbed within the SIG IM division.

In August 2011, Leaderflush Shapland was acquired by Laidlaw Interiors Group, a leading supplier of ironmongery, integrated doorsets and handrailing solutions. The combined businesses resulted in the transformation of the businesses into the Laidlaw Interiors Group.

In October 2013, two brands Leaderflush Shapland and Laidlaw Solutions united to form Leaderflush Shapland Laidlaw. A leading manufacturer of bespoke performance doorsets and supplier of architectural ironmongery, access control and locking systems. The integrated performance doorset solution has been created so that all components of the doorset (door leaf, frame and performance critical ironmongery) are fit for purpose, work together as a unified product and meet certified performance levels. Leaderflush Shapland Laidlaw currently operates across 10 business centres with over 500 employees and 280,000 sq ft of manufacturing space; producing over 10,000 doorsets per month.