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vision panels

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Vision panels – suitable for non-rated, FD30 and FD60

The most popular vision panel styles are shown below, although other designs can be accommodated. All aperture dimensions shown are cut-out sizes. A selection of glazing systems are available to suit styles as shown. Please refer to the Leaderflush Shapland Laidlaw Extended Performance Range for vision panels suitable for FD90 and FD120.


Designer Range - Vision panel styles

Typical configurations

As glazing has a major impact on fire performance, appropriate glazing and beading configurations need to be accounted for depending on the performance requirements. The systems below provide up to 60 minutes fire resistance for hardwood bolection bead, hardwood flush bead and steel trim options.

The glass retention systems available include hardwood bolection and flush beads, or alternatively steel trims, all as detailed. For specialised glazing systems, for example with glazing and facing flush in appearance used in hygienic or similar areas, refer to the Plasform® Range.

Designer Range - Typical vision panel configurations

To ensure quality and specified performance, all doors must be factory glazed. Hardwood beads can either be fully polished or painted to match the door or doorset. These are generally fixed with steel pins, punched in and filled, although other fixing methods are available. Steel trim alternatives allow the designer to match vision panels with door furniture, protective plates or other accessories and are screw fixed into position. Glass in fire rated doors can either be wired or unwired, insulated or uninsulated and clear or obscured glass.

Non-typical configurations

For other shapes, sizes, positions and details of vision panels, the constraints set out in the ‘Specifying with Doors and Doorsets' technical guide should be considered or discussions held with us at an early design stage.


Intelliglass® obscurable vision panels provide the ideal solution where privacy may be required, for example in environments such as hospitals, consulting rooms, banks, therapy rooms, commercial offices and schools.

The panels can be changed from clear to frosted at the flick of a switch. This intelligent glazing system can be automatically or remotely controlled by connection to a PC or by wireless connection or simply a switch adjacent to the doorset. As there are no protrusions to cause dust or dirt build-up, they are ideal for locations where hygiene is of prime importance.

Intelliglass® is available in two standard sizes: 400mm x 400mm and 800mm x 250mm. For non-standard sizes please phone our Technical Services Department or use our contact form.

Louvres and grilles

For ventilation, air transfer grilles or louvres can be fitted into Designer Range doors and doorsets.