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extended performance

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When basic performance levels are simply not enough

When the highest performance levels and specialist requirements are called for, there is no room for compromise and absolute confidence in the manufacturer is essential

Extended Performance

The Extended Performance Range takes fully engineered flush doorsets to the highest specified performance levels while offering freedom of choice with styles, finishes and colours to match doorsets from our other ranges, particularly the Designer Range of flush doorsets. Being driven by technical requirements, Extended Performance doorsets offers enhanced characteristics in the areas of acoustics, fire resistance (90 and 120 minutes), radiation shielding and security and have been used in a wide range of building types including healthcare, education, transport, leisure and industry.

This section provides detailed information on particular doorsets to meet various specific performance demands but Leaderflush Shapland Laidlaw works in partnership with designers to achieve doorset solutions for whatever technical challenges are presented.

Why choose Extended Performance?

There are many instances when doors and doorsets are needed with a range of different performance characteristics. One option is to source these products from a number of separate specialist companies and run the risk of encountering problems of mismatching or doors not having a uniform look after installation.

Leaderflush Shapland Laidlaw can manufacture doorset solutions to achieve virtually any performance and design requirements and by specifying from a single source, you can be confident that the end result will be both highly effective and aesthetically pleasing.

Other information sources

Specification details on the Extended Performance Range are available in the technical guide 'Specifying with Doors and Doorsets', see our literature section.

Leaderflush Shapland Laidlaw can provide guidance on the specification of doorsets in relation to Building Regulations and other official documentation and on specific applications including healthcare, education and commercial.

See our Technical Services Department for further details or contact us directly on 01773 530500.

Excessive nuisance noise levels controlled



Extended Fire Resistance

The Vulcan range of doorsets is specifically designed to meet the requirement for prolonged fire resistance periods of 90 and 120 minutes.



Acoustic Doorsets

The Audiodor range of flush doorset constructions have been developed to meet acoustic performance requirements above other Leaderflush Shapland Laidlaw product ranges.



High Security Doorsets

A wide choice of high performance security doorsets has been developed by Leaderflush Shapland Laidlaw for situations requiring resistance against forced...



Radiation Shielding Doorsets

Leaderflush Shapland Laidlaw has developed the Leadline range of doorsets providing various levels of X-ray...


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