acoustic doorsets

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Excessive nuisance noise levels controlled

Introducing acoustic doorsets

The Audiodor range of flush doorset constructions have been developed to meet acoustic performance requirements above other Leaderflush Shapland Laidlaw product ranges. These acoustic doorsets incorporate the latest construction and seal techniques to ensure high levels of sound reduction, while taking into account other performance characteristics including:

  • Fire resistance, independently tested and accredited within the BWF-CERTIFIRE scheme.

  • Smoke containment, as acoustic seals negate the need for additional smoke seals.

  • Mechanical strength and durability, either Severe Duty (SD) or Heavy Duty (HD) in accordance with BS EN 1192:2000.

  • Ease of handling and installation with lighter weight doorsets.


The effects of acoustic privacy and nuisance noise are subjective and influenced by background noise within the room, distance from sound source and general context, amongst others.

When considering walls containing doors, it is the combined performance of both elements that is relevant, clearly the proportion of door to wall area is particularly important.

The following table provides some general guidance on acoustic privacy in relation to sound reduction:




Normal speech easily overheard


Loud speech clearly overheard


Loud speech can be distinguished


Loud speech heard but not intelligible


Loud speech heard faintly


Loud speech and shouting can be heard with difficulty

Central to the successful achievement of required acoustic levels is the specification of complete engineered doorsets, where all components are factory-assembled to the closest tolerances and test-proven, as opposed to site-assembly of disparate components. In addition, best practice on site is critical, sound is like water in that all gaps must be properly sealed to stop leakage (see Achieving Performance on Site).

Acoustics is a complex field and a wide variety of performance levels sometimes referred to including NR or NC levels and dBA, RwdB and STC. Acoustic performance for doorsets should always refer to RwdB. It should be remembered that performance values quoted for products and ranges are based on laboratory test results; on-site testing will generally produce lower results.

Further technical information on acoustic performance of doorsets – including the implications of Part E of the Building Regulations – is available from our Technical Services Department.

All Leaderflush Shapland Laidlaw acoustic doorsets incorporate appropriate combinations of high performance acoustic frame seals (common throughout the range) and bottom edge-of-door seals, with low-profile aluminium thresholds to minimise accessibility difficulties. Each particular door leaf construction has been acoustically tested with its frame and associated seals, and designated for ease of selection.


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Performance and detail

Acoustic doorsets can accommodate many of our standard vision panel designs – all factory glazed (with glass to suit acoustic and fire performance) using fully sealed glazing beads.


Frame/Seal arrangements on-site

Some acoustic doors may be heavy and require appropriate wall structures to support them.