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Plasform performance doorsets - Developed to meet hygiene, safety and operational requirements

The Plasform® Range has been developed to meet the hygiene, safety and operational requirements of various applications including education, commercial, airports, recreation, health, pharmaceuticals and the 'high tech' industries.

The use of radiused vertical edges to door leaves and all frame edges, and the postforming of facings around them, is an integral part of the Plasform® concept. This gives a distinctive appearance as well as easy to clean, damage resistant and ergonomically friendly surfaces. A wide choice of facings are available including decorative laminates, impact resistant PVC (Hygieniform) and a back-printed clear facing.

Door leaves and frames are designed to suit specific performance requirements. Doors are fully encapsulated, non-shedding and maintenance free with 6mm radii postformed edges for PVC and 12mm radii for laminate as shown. Frames are also wrapped in PVC or can be supplied with a paint or polish finish. Steel frames are also available. The range of vision panel options is a major feature, using various beaded and flush glazing systems.

All Plasform® products are supplied as fully finished doorsets with door leaf, frame and essential ironmongery forming a single, integrated, factory made assembly. Not only does this meet current industry demands for prefabrication but also ensures that designed, certified performance - particularly fire resistance - is actually achieved on-site.

The Plasform® Range is organised to suit particular applications and needs. There are four distinct product groups:

Plasform® Original - offers the widest choice of options with traditional beaded glazing systems for applications such as hospitals, leisure, education, breweries and food preparation areas.

Plasform® Unique - offers the widest choice of flush glazing options for applications such as kitchens, laboratories, operating theatres, cleanrooms and pharmacies.

Plasform® WR - for water resistant requirements using fully sealed cores and glazing systems, for applications such as swimming pools, kitchens and food processing.

Plasform® Extended Performance - designed to match other Plasform® products, the Extended Performance range provides x-ray protection, sound reduction, extended fire resistance and is suitable across all applications, including schools, hospitals, leisure centres, laboratories and cleanrooms.

  • Easy to keep clean

  • Resistant to chemicals

  • Low maintenance

  • Ergonomically friendly

  • Increased impact resistance

  • Child safety features

  • No visible lippings

  • Prevents bacterial growth

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Plasform Original

Plasform® Original offers the distinctive looks and performance benefits of the postformed concept with the option of traditional beaded vision panels. Door facings can be either coloured laminates, through colour high impact PVC.


plasform unique

Plasform Unique

This postformed doorset, with up to 60 minutes fire resistance also incorporates two flush glazing systems; Flushglaze® and Duoglaze®. Plasform® Unique is particularly suited to hygienic and other specialist applications including:



Plasform Extended Performance

Offering higher performance doorsets to suit particular applications


Plasform WR

Plasform WR

Plasform® WR doorsets are specifically developed for wet areas and can incorporate the Duoglaze® flush vision panel glazing system. Impact resistant PVC is available with encapsulated graphics. Plasform® WR is designed for applications including:


plasform extperf7

Plasform Facing Options

Creative design of doorsets can bring an added dimension to the internal surroundings of any project. The ability to differentiate through the use of various facing options is paramount.


plasform seal

Plasform Frames & Seals

Within the Plasform® range, four popular frame sections are available with radiused edges in a wide choice of finishes, although special sections can also be provided. Sections are produced to suit common standard partition..


doorsets on-site

Doorsets on-site

Leaderflush Shapland Laidlaw recommend doorsets should be installed as a late second fix item. Ideally, Plasform® doorsets should be considered as late second fix items, not for installation until all 'wet trades' have finished.


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Example NBS Specifications available for Plasform



Download Plasform Brochure

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Plasform for Health

Plasform® combines exceptional design capabilities with outstanding performance characteristics for the healthcare environment, one of the most difficult areas for the construction industry with fast moving technologies.