The use of radiused vertical edges to door leaves, frame edges and the postforming of facings around them, is an integral part of the Plasform® concept. This gives a distinctive appearance as well as easy to clean, damage resistant and ergonomically friendly surfaces. Wide choice of facings are available including decorative laminates, impact resistant PVC (Hygieniform) and a back-printed clear facing.

Doors are fully encapsulated and maintenance free with 6mm radii postformed edges for PVC and 12mm radii for laminate. The range includes vision panel options using beaded and flush glazing systems. Frames are also wrapped in PVC or can be supplied with a paint or polish finish. Steel frames are also available.


All Plasform® products can be supplied as fully finished doorsets with door leaf, frame and essential architectural ironmongery forming a single, integrated, factory made assembly designed to suit specific performance requirements.

Not only does this meet current industry demands for prefabrication but also ensures that designed, certified performance – particularly fire resistance – is actually achieved onsite. Radiation, severe duty, impact resistance and anti-bacterial properties. Plasform® allows designers to meet the requirements for a wide variety of applications.


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Individual bespoke doorsets with extensive performance criteria

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Technical detail and performance criteria for the Plasform doorset

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