Fire & smoke.

Fundamental performance.

Fire resistance is one of the most fundamental performance criteria for fire doors and doorsets, resulting in a complexity of interrelated regulations, standards and guides.

Part B of the Building Regulations sets out requirements for fire doors related to the escape of building occupants and access for fire-fighters, gradually replacing the Code of Practice BS 5588.

However, insurers and advisory organisations are also particularly concerned with the protection of property, while other application-specific recommendations are also available. Part B refers to fire doors in terms of tests carried out to BS 476, in parallel with a new European standard which will eventually replace it.

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Achieving the same fire protection levels in the real world as for laboratory tests and related assessments remains a challenge that is being met by independent conformity schemes. It is now generally acknowledged that, in the event of fire, it is smoke that is the major risk to occupants.

Leaderflush Shapland product ranges offer Non-Rated, FD30, FD60, FD90 and FD120 (also available with Plasform) performance. Appropriate smoke seals and intumescents are automatically included with our fire doors and doorsets to suit performance. Leaderflush Shapland fire resistant doors and doorsets are third party certificated by the BWF-Certifire Scheme.

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