Light reflectance values


Veneers, Wood Grain Laminates and Architectural Hardware
The following figures give an indication of the Light Reflectance Values (LRVs) of commonly used door face materials and ironmongery finish options. These are indicative* figures based on our initial testing.

Taking the below indicative figures as examples, a visual contrast greater than 15 points between door facing and lever handle can be achieved through the use of steamed beech and satin anodised aluminium.
Satin anodised aluminium  75.43
Steamed beech (CC)         35.79
Difference in LRV               39.64
However the use of American white oak and brushed stainless steel only creates a LRV difference between handle and face of:

Brushed stainless steel     44.81
American white oak (CC)  31.80
Difference in LRV              13.01

Therefore, when specifying door facings and ironmongery it is important to consider LRV differences and how they can be achieved to meet the requirements of BS8300 and Part M. Leaderflush Shapland can provide advice on appropriate materials that achieve the required LRV differences.

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