Radiation shielding


X-ray protection.

Leaderflush Shapland has developed the Leadline range of doorsets providing various levels of X-ray protection while accommodating all the standard Leaderflush Shapland facing options to match our other standard performance door sets.

Leadline doorsets incorporate lead sheeting in a range of thicknesses and this protection extends through the door frames, forming an effective barrier to radiation in all directions. Particular care is taken to ensure continuous protection and the lead sheeting is located closer to one door face so that it covers the lock-case.

The Leadline X-ray door consists of a concealed lead sheet to the required specification. MDF each side forms either final facings for a paint quality door or the substrate for final facings of veneer, laminate or PVC. Doors are lipped on 2 edges in 6mm hardwood as standard and lead fillets extend through the full thickness of lippings at meeting stiles of pairs of doors to ensure total shielding. 

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