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Introducing Designer

The core product offer from Leaderflush Shapland Laidlaw is the Designer Range, giving specifiers complete freedom in flush doors and doorsets with numerous wood veneer, PVC, paint and metal finishes. The most popular options are included with 4 frame types and 11 vision panel designs – all of which have already been fire-tested and certified.

The Designer Range also gives the specifier opportunities to produce unique designs that meet specific performance requirements. This is achieved by the partnerships which we forge with specifiers to ensure that design visions are carried through to practical long-term solutions.

All Designer Range doors, doorsets and screens are made to order and there are no prescribed opening dimensions. As an intrinsic part of our service to you, door constructions and thicknesses, together with detailed design and doorset component selection, are automatically generated to meet your performance requirements and design concepts. To maintain consistently high quality standards, our doors and doorsets

should be supplied fully decorated and factory glazed wherever possible, although on-site finishing by others can be accommodated. We also advocate specification of complete doorsets – factory assembled under strict quality control regimes and fully certificated to ensure consistent performance on-site.

Why choose Designer

The Designer Range brings you complete design freedom in flush doorsets, while we focus on meeting performance demands and realising your design vision. This is achieved by working in partnership so that you benefit from our unrivalled expertise, service and product quality.

The Designer Range suits virtually any application and the only limit to what we can achieve together is your imagination. With every commercial wood veneer option available, as well as PVC, paint and metal finishes, the choice is massive. Add distinctive vision panels and ironmongery to create your own style of flush doorset, in the knowledge that fire, smoke, acoustic, durability and other performance requirements are being met.


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Configurations and Handings

The Designer Range is intended to be as flexible as possible in meeting the specifier’s visual and performance requirements


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Vision Panels

Vision panels – suitable for non-rated, FD30 and FD60


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Frames and Screens

The Designer Range offers a choice of four recognised frame designs, although we are able to manufacture other frame sections if preferred.


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Intumescent & Smoke Seals

Performance intumescents and seals



Veneer Options

Creative freedom realised with our expertise in veneers



Veneer Methods

Once the sheets of veneer have been cut they are assembled to produce lay-ons


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Simplistic Veneers

Designs to highlight the simplicity and beauty of wood


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Bespoke Veneers

Inspirational veneer lay-ons can be created to complement the surrounding environment


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Other Finishes

An unrivalled selection of door facing materials



Download Designer Range Brochure

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